I was told by therapist that I would never work another day in my life. I was diagnosed with complex PTSD. God had other plans!

You helped me transition into wholeness by teaching me how to do the EFT. It changed my life! It really gave me the tools I needed. I thank God for you Lisa! I look back and realize what a strategic person you were in my life!!! Because of your help, I was able to get the healing I needed, and was trying for years to get. I not only went back to work, but started my own business!

Thank you so much!!!! I could never express the gratitude for your help in my life.

I just wanted to give my thanks to you for your life and your gift of compassion. It is such a powerful technique. And I know it may not work for everybody but it sure did for me. I’m grateful for you! Thank you for your service to our community. You are a huge blessing and a great resource.!!! And on top of that you have such a compassionate heart which makes you pretty amazing!