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Your Mid-Life Midwife for Your True Calling

Are you burned out, bored or unchallenged at work?

Has the corporate world, its pace and politics, got you down?

Has your career lost its charm? Perhaps you’d like to do something more in line with your values, interests and talents. Or do work that makes a difference in the world?

Maybe you have an inner urge to start your own business. Or start a non-profit.

Possibly you want to have more energy and enthusiasm for the rest of your life: family, friends, hobbies, personal and spiritual development?

You know you need to do something about your career but you don’t know where to start.





You don’t have to settle for or tolerate an unfulfilling career. There is something you can do.

You can create work YOU love.

You can discover your right livelihood and true calling.


Hello, I’m Lisa Renee Anderson, well-known Board Certified Career Coach and Life Coach. I will help YOU develop your very own customized career coaching and life coaching program. Nothing is more effective for giving you exactly the career and life you dream of.

I have worked with thousands of bright, motivated professionals like yourself to:

  • Create rewarding work

  • Start successful businesses and non-profits

  • Make more money

  • Be more effective personally and professionally

  • Have more satisfying and fulfilling lives

Sports teams have coaches. Actors conditioning for a role have coaches. Even top politicians vying for an important position use coaches. So why not have an expert on YOUR side when YOU are planning your life or career. I use PROVEN strategies to turn your career and life in any direction you like, including turning it completely around.

Request your free Your True Calling Strategy Session. Or better yet – pick up the phone and call me right now at 541-484-6785 (Pacific time).

In this powerful session you will:

  • Create a sense of clarity about your true calling

  • Find out the essential building blocks of your ideal work

  • Discover the #1 thing stopping you from knowing and doing your life’s work

  • Identify the most powerful actions that will move you towards the livelihood you desire

  • Complete this strategy session with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to create a career you truly want

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” — Goethe

Bounce Out of Bed Every Morning Knowing That You Are Doing The Right Livelihood For You

Would you like to:

  • Grin from ear to ear when you talk about your work?

  • Have more energy and enthusiasm for the rest of your life: family, friends, hobbies, personal and spiritual development?

  • Start your own business or non-profit?

  • Do work that is completely in line with your values, interests and abilities?

  • Know and fully express your true calling?

  • Earn more money doing it?

  • Bring a vision into reality?

  • Make a difference in the world?

Doing career coaching with me, a trained career coach and life coach, can give YOU a completely new lease on life. Goals will be achieved faster. Suddenly you will KNOW what you need to do to get exactly what you want.

Martin Seligman talks about thethree kinds of ‘work orientation’: a job, a career, and a calling.” As he points out, you go to a job strictly for the paycheck. Punch the clock, get paid. Done.

You have a career to enjoy the benefits of advancement and mastery of a given domain.

A calling (or vocation), on the other hand, “is a passionate commitment to work for its own sake.”

“Any job can become a calling, and any calling can become a job. A physician who views the work as a Job and is simply interested in making a good income does not have a Calling, while a garbage collector who sees the work as making the world a cleaner, healthier place could have a Calling.”

Read what some of my clients are saying about the remarkable results they are getting:

Put Your Dreams Into Action Today!

Take control of creating your rich and fulfilling life.

LET’S GET YOU STARTED on the exciting path to a better life and more rewarding career!

Together WE will create a customized career coaching and life coaching program to move you towards your career and life goals and have that EXCEPTIONAL LIFE you’ve been dreaming about.

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I’m Career Coach and Life Coach Lisa Renee Anderson and I look forward to hearing from you.

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