I found myself thinking back to the few sessions I had with you and wanted you to know that they made a difference. As a counselor I always liked updates from old clients so I guessed you might too.

I can’t remember exactly when I saw you but was working as a supervisor for the counseling center and hating every second of my stress level! We talked a lot about me getting a PhD in counselor education, which I seriously consider now and again but always opt not to pursue. The thing that got me was an inventory we did that ranked all the titles I hold and I ranked daughter and aunt as my top two respectively. You asked me some question about those answers being in contrast to the distance I lived from my family (3000ish miles). That one got to me and ultimately made all the change happen.

Since then I have moved back to NY and bought a house a mere 20 miles from my family. My then girlfriend has since become my wife and graciously moved to NY with me. Upon moving here I applied for some counseling jobs and with each interview became sick to my stomach and ultimately decided not to put myself through that. I took a job as a self-employed contractor and flip apartments and houses for an old high school friend of mine. I am working on starting my own property management business and plan to pay for retirement through that adventure. Last week I had all but given up on counseling but yesterday out of the blue I was offered an adjunct teaching position at the local state college where I received my Master’s degree. I was asked to teach their Career Counseling classes…how’s that for irony! I haven’t decided if I’m going to take the position but the offer made me smile and remember a lot of what I liked about counseling.

I just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do and hope you’re still following your own great path.