When I started working with Lisa some 8 months ago I knew there were things in my life I needed to change. I was very unhappy with where I was in terms of my career. Upon awaking up each morning my first thoughts were about how depressing the day was going to be. I felt like I was wasting my life while my talents were going to waste, unused. I knew I wanted bigger and better things for myself along with the ability to substantially provide for my family. I also wanted to have the satisfaction of doing things on a professional level which were personally rewarding, as well as financially rewarding.While I knew the destination I wanted to arrive at, I was lacking a roadmap. I knew I had the unending support of my wife and family to follow my dreams and ‘just make things happen’. But everywhere I turned I ran into brick walls and dead ends. Fueled by the external recessionary environment I felt like I was not going anywhere, not building, not moving. Something had to change.

Together with Lisa I worked on building that roadmap. We sharpened my thoughts on destination – ‘where I wanted to go’, and then went building the map – what tools will I need to get there, where will I get those tools, what will I do with those tools once I have them. By clarifying what I wanted in my life, and what my ultimate goals were, I was able to build a set of primary goals to focus and work on which were then broken up into manageable tasks to be completed on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. Using these goals as an always-updating guide I have been able to get closer to achieving my goals.

Along with defining my goals I learned many personal skills. At this point I am using my newly formed skills on a daily basis. Whether it be at a networking event where I use my relationship building (“small talk”) skills to make contacts (and am no longer shy to do so), or using time management techniques to ensure that I get the most out of every possible hour. Also, together with Lisa I was able to focus my complete attention to the ‘need to haves’ in my life and ensure that it is those things that I am working towards.

It’s a long process, and I am still far from where I want to be. But now thanks to Lisa I have the confidence and skills that will enable me to get there. I now wake up with excitement and anticipation knowing that ‘today could be the day, big things can happen’. I feel more guided and focused, optimistic, and much more confident. I know I am on the way to achieving my life goals.