While I am looking forward to retiring in less than a year, I was feeling overwhelmed by the world of opportunities available to me. Literally I was feeling like a kid on the doorstep of a vast candy store!A friend recommended Lisa Anderson. Lisa immediately put me at ease. Our phone sessions were fun and full of laughter! Playing off the name of her company, I always greeted her as “Exceptional Lisa,” and could count on her response of “Hello, Marvelous Marilyn.”She challenged me with questions that made me really think about what I want out of life. When I told her that I wanted to live the rest of my life with wild abandon, she encouraged me to describe that vision in more detail and to develop specific goals to work toward.

Lisa was also very supportive in helping me stay on track with my plans. As a result I am in the process of getting my house organized, writing poetry and learning stand-up comedy! Now I’m more eager than ever for retirement! Jan 07 Update: Retired and loving it!!!

Oct. 07 update: here are some of my accomplishments since retiring:

– walked a half marathon

– sang Brahms’ German Requiem

– lost 10 pounds

– marched as a flying pig in the Celebration Parade.

On tap for next year are:

– a trip to China

– take a class to learn Italian.

I’m doing great! Love retirement.

Now Program Director and Aspiring Writer