I came to Lisa Anderson in February of 2011, exhausted and directionless after completing my post bac requirements at U of O in Communication Disorders and Sciences. I had been on disability for nearly seven years and found myself without this financial support anymore, needing work, but also suffering from adrenal fatigue exhaustion and lower back issues. I had little direction as I was even too tired to look at what might be ahead.Through Lisa’s coaching, I was able to stay zeroed in on what truly made my heart sing and what my life mission truly was. I faced doubts and struggles in the process, but her expertise in neurolinguistic programming helped me greatly to face the emotional barriers that stood in my way.Lisa has an eclectic type of coaching that worked for me as I dealt with some anxiety and old beliefs that no longer served my life.

Lisa’s help got me to look at what I truly love to do and the steps I needed to get there.

Although not everything is just as I would like it to be yet, I have landed work in a long term care facility as a social service director, with benefits and a salary I have never even imagined! My job search felt purposeful after I spend time with Lisa and her Design your Life survey. I am beginning a job that I believe will move me toward my goal of returning to get my master’s degree so that I can become a speech therapist. This will be a great stepping stone for me. I have energy, purpose, and a job I believe that I will truly enjoy. Thank you Lisa for all of your help. Life is going to be good!