Lisa has helped me take an idea that I have dreamed about for years—improve education back home in Ghana–and bring it into the realm of reality . . .Her deep listening and reflective conversation allowed me to articulate my goal… Lisa is a provocateur. She provokes and challenges you to dig deeper within you until you put your finger on it . . . The most wonderful thing about Lisa is that, when all is said and done, I feel I have done it myself. Now, that is real coaching! “July 06 update: I have Lisa to “blame” for helping me bring my dream into the realm of reality. I have launched an organization,Partnership for Mother Tongue-Based Bilingual Education in Ghana (PAMBE-Ghana) , whose goal is to establish a new, alternative approach to promote mother tongue and bilingual literacy in the Ghana education system. The dream is to start with one preschool class. Then add a new class and new teachers every year up to Grade 6 level.Updates: April 07: received 501(c)(3) status from the IRS. First pre-school class to start September 2008. July 07: Moving to Ghana in August ! Aug 07: She’s there! June 09: first pre-school class graduated. Nov 10: 90 students and growing. 2016 Update: Our school has grown in these 8 years to encompass 16 teachers, a head of school, 200+ students — all thriving in a campus of 7 classrooms, a kitchen, offices, a library and computer lab. The fist students who started in 2008 are now graduating into junior high school (which we hope to have ready by fall).