Sick of Your Job?

Are You Sick of Your Job. . . Or Is Your job Making You Sick?
Passion for Our Work, or a Lack of It, Effects The Rest of Our LivesA book cover with a woman in a bikini sitting on top of a pole.
  • Did you know that 44% of Americans do their job only well enough to not get fired?
  • 25% of Americans say their job is the single greatest cause of stress in their life.
  • 30% of us like or love our work. That leaves a whopping 70% that range from indifferent to absolute loathing of their work.
Did you know that this has far reaching consequences on our overall effectiveness, health, well-being and personal relationships. as well as our careers?
“You are not here to merely make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand.â€
–Woodrow Wilson
As a whole, we don’t seem to be very happy in our work. There are hundreds of studies and surveys detailing the effects in our lives and pocketbooks.

A book cover with a woman in a bikini sitting on top of a pole.


Three months ago, I was burned out at my job in social services and looking for a change, but had no idea how to make it happen. Then my friend recommended Lisa to me.After our first meeting, I cut down from working 50+ hours per week to the 40 hours a week I’m paid for. Doing so freed up energy to focus on my next step. With Lisa’s guidance, I created a mission statement and a 3-5 year vision. She taught me how to set smart goals and create an action plan to achieve them. Throughout this journey, she gave me concrete tools to work towards achieving my vision and purpose in life.

It’s amazing to look back and see how much I’ve accomplished with Lisa in just three months. Once I put my wish out the universe, doors opened and opportunities hurtled towards me, as if I were a magnet. I’m getting interviews for jobs that pay almost twice what I earn now. I’ve joined a writing group, and have started my first novel. I can’t wait to write Lisa with an update soon to tell her I’ve landed a fantastic job that pays me what I’m worth, I’ve published my first book, and my partner and I have bought a house. Thanks, Lisa!

PS: She got the fantastic job that pays her more than double what she was making– “being paid what I’m worth is fan-tastic :)”

For over 20 years, Rockport Institute has compiled research showing that “changing from an ill-fitting career to one that is fulfilling and that produces a lower stress level reduces colds, flu and other immune system disorders.. . .Other studies confirm that an ill-fitting career causes stress that increases the risk of early death. In addition, depression, even chronic mild depression, can compromise your immune system.†Below are listed a few of the studies.
  • A major Finnish study found that those with stressful jobs had twice the risk of dying from coronary artery disease as did satisfied employees. Between 1981-1995, 44 studies were published, most of which found a significant positive relationship between job strain and cardiovascular disease risk factors, such as hypertension.
  • Published in Health Psychology, a study of 774 men found that pessimism and hostility were actually worse on the male’s heart than drinking, smoking, or obesity.
  • Another study shows that immune function is weaker when people are in a bad mood (published in the April 2001 issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology).
  • The U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reports job stress-related disorders are fast becoming the most prevalent reason for worker disability.
  • Researcher Sheldon Cohen says, “We found…As positive emotions increase, the probability that they would develop a cold decreased.”
According to the results of a recent survey by Harris Interactive, Inc for Age Wave:
  • Small firm employees feel far more engaged in their work than their corporate counterparts
  • Only 20 percent feel very passionate about their jobs; less than 15 percent agree that they feel strongly energized by their work
  • more than half of American workers question the basic morality of their organizations’ top leaders and say that their managers do not treat them fairly
  • only 36 percent of workers said they believed top managers acted with honesty and integrity
  • one-third of all workers feel they have reached a dead end at their jobs and are seeking changes at work or new jobs altogether
  • Job security, health care coverage and professional development are valued above additional compensation with more paid vacation time as their single biggest desire
  • Nearly all workers were seeking more time off — and a better balance between work and leisure
  • More than one-third of managers do not care about the fate of their organization
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