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“To have the future you prefer, you compose, design, invent and weave the next chapter of your life, family, and career. . . If you refuse to initiate your own path, your choices will be the leftovers from those around you. . ..â€
–Frederic M. Hudson
A book cover with a woman in a bikini sitting on top of a pole.Because each Coach has his or her own style of coaching, I thought you might be interested in knowing how I coach, what I expect of my clients and what my clients can expect of me.

My Coach and Life Clients Are Self-determined People

I am blessed to work with incredible clients. I am honored to assist them in developing the personal and professional lives they desire. Coaching has been proven to work when there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be.Together we create a plan of action to set yourself on a career path, double sales, become more profitable, or whatever is called for to ensure that you have what you need to get more of what you want.

Thanks for being supportive and nudging me when I didn’t have the time last spring.Thanks for giving me the opportunity to think about and evaluate myself.Thanks for giving me the tools to explore options.Thanks for helping me understand that I need to be patient.Thanks for helping me believe that change is OK and good.
Carrie G.

I Expect Your Best
Hiring a coach says that you are ready to do and be your very best. If you aren’t doing your best, I’ll push you. If you can’t do the task or action at this moment, we’ll create a time frame for completion or re-evaluate its relevancy.
I Make Direct Requests
At times I’ll make a direct request, like “I request that you accomplish X by the end of the month?†You may accept the request, counteroffer (say what you can do) or decline (rare). No matter what you do, I believe that you will be doing what is in your best interest.
I Share My Hunches, Opinions and Experience
If you are open to it, I will gladly share with you my hunches, experience, opinions or advice.
I Give Homework Or Assignments
We usually create an action plan with goals or actions to work on between each session.
Working By Phone
Working by phone really works! I do pick up on subtle nuances in your voice. We both tend to be more focused without visual distractions. You spend less time traveling. We optimize our time together. For those in the Eugene/Springfield area that prefer in-person sessions those are available.
I Am Here
If you have a personal concern, are upset with something (even me or the coaching), are just starting to realize something, can’t wait to share an insight or breakthrough, don’t hesitate to call me or email me.

“We must be willing to let go of the life that we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”
— Joseph Campbell

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