Design Your Life



Design Your Life

The Exceptional Living Coach Approach to Achieving Your True Calling


In conjunction with experienced and board certified career, life and business coaching we use the Design Your Life workbook that has been developed and refined over 10 years to provide the most comprehensive and satisfying life re-design. Below are the phases these powerful tools will take you through.


3-6 weeks


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We start with a snapshot of your life in 8 different areas now and where you want it to be.

We then move into a battery of soul searching questions designed to uncover and identify your unique strengths, passions, skills, inspirations, values, roles, needs and challenges.

We clarify what you want to experience out of life, how you want to grow and how you want to contribute.

In this phase, we begin identifying critical criteria for your True Calling that you will continue to develop and refine throughout the process then use as a barometer in career decision making.

Assessments are also available at this time: personality, aptitude, interests, preferences, values


1-2 weeks


A book cover with a woman in a bikini sitting on top of a pole.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

You deserve and are entitled to have all that your heart dreams of—happiness, success, fulfillment, contentment.

We are all sent here with a job to do and the resources to fulfill that task.


So why do so many people struggle and not receive the things in life that they are naturally entitled to?

The answer lies in your mission or purpose for being here on the planet.

Many people try to achieve what they think they should do, instead of what they were sent here to do. Many law of attraction and goal-setting approaches claim to teach you to how to manifest anything you desire – yet these systems all seem to have the same weakness:

If what you want to achieve is not part of your mission or greater plan for you then you may not succeed.

When what you want to accomplish is part of this bigger plan, success is more natural and effortless. Everyone is put on this planet for a reason. Find out what that reason is – and doorways will open for you.


1-2 weeks


A book cover with a woman in a bikini sitting on top of a pole.

Your mission brings you meaning and your vision how you will express that out in the world. Mission is the direction while vision is the destination. Vision is the vehicle for your mission: career, work, business and meaningful activity.

Your mission is most likely something that won’t be accomplished, as in finished, in this lifetime while you will most likely accomplish your vision in 3-5 years and it may change and /or another one will be created.

You’ve already identified your gifts, passions and values from the first phase. This is the place to blend those together to identify your True Calling.


Calling = “the inner urge to give our gifts away in service to something we are passionate about in an environment that is consistent with our values.”

— Richard Leider


Short Term Vision, Strategic and Action Planning
1-3 weeks

A book cover with a woman in a bikini sitting on top of a pole.

A goal is a dream with a deadline

Your next step is effective planning. Planning is predetermining a course of events to achieve a desired outcome.

By taking the time to plan and write out how you will achieve your personal compelling vision you insure it doesn’t fall into the “Someday Maybe†pile.

We create a customized system that works for you, to keep you on track and to track your progress.


Minimum duration of 10 weeks


A book cover with a woman in a bikini sitting on top of a pole.

This is where the rubber meets the road and you put into action all that you’ve been working toward. This phase is the longest and will depend on the desired outcome.

For those looking to change jobs it may last the duration of job search and includes topics such as resume writing, networking, interviewing and negotiating. It may also include coaching to transition into a new job to ensure success.

For those starting a business it may last 6-12 months with ongoing business coaching after that as an option.

For those training for a new occupation it may include decision making around where and when to get the training and mapping out how to make that happen in the best way for you.

When you run into obstacles, whether internal or external, we explore the most effective way to resolve them so you can keep making forward progress toward Your True Calling.